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Tournament Play

How to Win

What does the tournament look like to an individual player?
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Play in up to four Ring Events—one per day, up to five rounds each.

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Win a Ring Event (and a ring), and play one round of a different game in the Semifinals on Sunday.

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Win your Semifinal, and move forward to the Final to compete against three other players in one round of a third game.

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Win the Final game to become the WSBG Champion and take home the WSBG Bracelet and $25,000.

How to Play

Colorful game components for Dune: Imperium scattered across game board
Dune: Imperium | Designed by: Paul Dennen | Published by: Dire Wolf Digital


To win up to seven rounds of games and become the World Series of Board Gaming Champion.


Hundreds of players will sign up for Round 1 of each of the 16 games, or Ring Events. The winner at each table will move to the next round—a process that will continue until there is one Ring Event Winner for each game.

Ring Event game play will take place between Wednesday, Sept. 28, and Saturday, Oct. 1. Each competitor may participate in one Ring Event per day, so it’s important to look over the schedule and choose your games carefully.

The number of rounds in each Ring Event will depend on the number of entrants, but it will not exceed five rounds.

Carcassonne, Terraforming Mars, Dominant Species: Marine, Wingspan and Acquire board game boxes stacked
Carcassonne | Designed by: Klaus-Jurgen Wrede | Published by: Z-Man Games — Terraforming Mars | Designed by: Jacob Fryxelius | Published by: Fryx Games, Stronghold Games — Dominant Species: Marine | Designed by: Chad Jensen | Published by: GMT Games — Wingspan | Designed by: Elizabeth Hargrave | Published by: Stonemaier Games

Brass: Birmingham | Designed by: Martin Wallace, Matt Tolman and Gavan Brown | Published by: Roxley Games

The playoffs:

Sunday’s Playoffs will begin with four Semifinal games in which the 16 Ring Event Winners will play to advance to the Final. None of the Ring Event Winners will play the game with which they won their ring.

After the conclusion of the last game on Saturday night, 16 chips labeled with the names of the 16 games will be placed in a bag. Each chip will represent both a game and its Ring Event Winner; when a chip is drawn, the player who won the game on that chip will be assigned to a Semifinal game. The first four games drawn will be the four games played in the Semifinals.

Here's how it will work:

  • A WSBG representative will draw a game from the bag; it will be Semifinal Game 1, and the Ring Event winner for that game will be the next person to draw a chip. The game on that second chip will be Semifinal Game 2. This first player will play Semifinal Game 2; the table for Semifinal Game 1 will be empty at this point.
  • The competitor who won the Ring Event for Semifinal Game 2 will draw the third chip, which will represent Semifinal Game 3. 
  • The participant who won the game displayed on the third chip drawn will randomly select a fourth chip, which will determine Semifinal Game 4. 
  • The competitor who won the Ring Event associated with that fourth game will be assigned to Semifinal Game 1, and will draw another chip. The Ring Event Winner for the game on this chip will play in Semifinal Game 2. 
  • The Ring Event Winner for the game drawn by this player will play in Semifinal Game 3, and the four tables will continue to be filled in this manner.
Wingspan game board and pieces in the middle of a game
Wingspan | Designed by: Elizabeth Hargrave | Published by: Stonemaier Games


In the Final, none of the four Finalists will play a game they’ve already won; the four Semifinal games and any game won by any of the Finalists will be removed from the bag. After eliminating all of the games that have already been played:

  • Each Finalist will choose another game to remove from the bag. These choices will be made simultaneously, in writing.
  • A WSBG representative will draw one of the remaining chips from the bag to determine the game played in the Final.
Azul | Designed by: Michael Kiesling | Published by: Next Move Games

Ring Events

After much consideration, WSBG chose 16 games to help identify the brightest star in board gaming:


More than $100,000 in cash and prizes will be presented to competitors. Each of the 16 Ring Event Ring Event Winners will receive a one-of-a-kind 2022 WSBG Ring and have the chance to collect more prizes by making it through the Semifinal round.

Everyone who plays in the Final will receive a cash prize:

First place trophy graphic


The WSBG Bracelet, valued at over $3,000, plus $25,000 in cash

Second place ribbon graphic


Third place ribbon graphic


Fourth place ribbon graphic


WIN $25,000.