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It’s an event for players designed by players.

The World Series of Board Gaming is an annual event held in Las Vegas that supports casual and competitive board gaming. WSBG urges gamers to sharpen their board gaming skills by attending regional, national and international board gaming conventions, as well as participating in local game play.

While WSBG encourages competitors to attend conventions and other gatherings of board game enthusiasts, WSBG is not a convention or conference in the traditional sense. Events are not open to the general public; only gamers and guests with passes can access the attractions and cheer on players.

Conventions and game stores: Do not hesitate to send players who will wear your team shirt! Showing team spirit promotes your organization and demonstrates the unity, fun and camaraderie created when we get together and share our passion for board gaming.

Hundreds can compete, but only 16 will go home as a Ring Event winner, and only one will go home with $25,000 and the WSBG Bracelet!

The WSBG Backstory

In late 2019, an idea was presented to a group of investors centered upon the creation of a board game convention that hosted a tournament that would award a $10,000 cash prize to the winner.

After a few months of discussion, the decision was made to jettison the idea of creating another convention and focus solely on the tournament itself. It was at this point that the World Series of Board Gaming truly evolved into what it is today.

Las Vegas seemed the obvious choice to begin searching for a locale—the most exciting tournament in the hobby would occur in one of the world’s most exciting cities—and Bally’s Hotel and Casino very generously and enthusiastically agreed to host.

The quest to find the best player in any particular game was abandoned. This tournament would showcase a competitor’s ability to win across multiple games. A field of qualifiers was hammered out to create a broad spectrum of modern board games, and a playoff system was developed to ensure that every entrant had at least some chance of walking away with the grand prize.

Today, the World Series of Board Gaming represents the very pinnacle of competitive gaming. Its goal is to celebrate the players and reward them accordingly. The $10,000 Grand Prize turned into $25,000, and side events were added to the tournament to reward competitors and the family and friends who decide to accompany them.

The World Series of Board Gaming is our hobby’s Super Bowl, with all the glitz and glamour that accompanies that distinction, and anyone who’s ever won a game of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne can walk away as Champion.

WSBG, LLC is a privately owned company based in Nevada. Its current CEO is Mr. Jonathan Hagmaier, with Mr. Michael Codoley serving as Chief Financial Officer. They oversee all operations and report directly to the Board of Directors.


The World Series of Board Gaming crowns the world’s best board gamer. But we’re also passionate about having the opportunity to grow the hobby.

We work with publishers, conventions, retailers, designers, content creators and gaming groups of all sizes to support and enhance the board gaming experience for you, the player.

Whether you enjoy board gaming at the largest of conventions or at the smallest of kitchen tables, you can showcase your skills at the WSBG Vegas.

WSBG Vegas is also designed to help gaming organizations grow. If your organization would like to be a partner, we have several exciting programs to help you grow along with us.

NOTE: If you are a registered Retail Store partner of WSBG Vegas and the WSBG Champion has submitted your store’s name as how they heard about the tournament, your store will also win $5,000.

WSBG Board of Directors

wsbg executive team

Headshot of World Series of Board Gaming Board Chair Jonathan Hagmaier

Jonathan Hagmaier

Chief Executive Officer

M. Kim Codoley

Chief Financial Officer

Justin 3

Justin Thompson

WSBG Event Sponsorship Director

Catan game board and game pieces on a table in the middle of a game
Catan | Designed by: Klaus Teuber | Published by: Catan Studio


If you’re interested in being an Assistant GM, Floor Judge or just joining the tournament staff, please contact us and let us know.

WIN $25,000.

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